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Easter, Intensive, New Boots

Holly D Gray6 Comments
Easter weekend was somewhat relaxing. Caleigh chose not to sleep Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Having the weekend off from intensive therapy confused her schedule. Plus she wasn't getting her workout that wears her out. When Caleigh doesn't sleep - we don't sleep. Parenthood. Even after putting myself to bed at 9 every night this week I still don't feel like I've caught up.
We had a good Easter. We hung out with family, ate yummy food, dyed but did not hunt eggs and blew large bubbles in the backyard.
Caleigh has done really well with intensive therapy this week. There really isn't anything new to report other than increased strength. She's getting better and faster at all her exercises.
This week we also went and picked up Caleigh's new AFOs. Her "boots" as we call them have been nothing but trouble since the very first pair arrived. You can read about the last pair here if your in the mood for some whining and complaining.
I did a little happy dance this time around because they are actually staying on her feet! She can't wiggle and squirm out of them! WhooHoo! The difference this time around is the SMO insert. It's a boot inside a boot and it's amazing. Putting the boots on is ten times easier than before and Caleigh doesn't get as angry about the process either.
Caleigh picked the colors and design. I was a little worried about the lime green, but it looks cute. I ordered extra wide tennis shoes to go over them this morning. Caleigh's extension tone is cut back dramatically with these. Her striatal toe is down and her knee hyper-extension is decreased. All great things!
Caleigh says she likes them. Although she has let me know that the stretch isn't very comfy. We are building up on a wear schedule so that they don't hurt her muscles as much. After all, she hasn't really been in a good foot position in years.

That's all for now. Sleep beckons me. Again.
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