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Since we discovered that Caleigh had a lot of knowledge just waiting to jump out of her curly little head; we've been told to document, video, document.

Should she get into an school evaluation and not perform, after all she is 3, then no one would have to believe that Caleigh has this knowledge.

I've been trying to set up the camera when Caleigh chooses to spell or do math. Here are a couple of videos documenting that.

This first video is Caleigh spelling Candy Land. We had just gone to the store today and bought the game. We haven't played it yet so I'm hoping she likes it.

Right now I'm working my way through a first grade spelling list. Every time Caleigh asks to spell I end up pulling words from the list. Here's a list of the documented words to date that Caleigh has spelled out for us:

a, at, be, big, bike, bike, bus, but, came, can, cap, cat, cup, cut, five, fly, flying, fox, frog, from, fun, game, gave, get, go, going, got, green, hat, he, hen, him, hit, hop, hot, hug, I, in, is, it, keep, like, make, man, me, men, mop, name, no, not, nut, of, on, one, pan, pet, pets, pig, planes, best, cow, daddy, because, bath, bed, clock, naptime, time, Caleigh, Koko, mommy, Mimi, Pop, Heath, Elizabeth, comb, music, eggs, adventures

This is the second video. Caleigh answers 13+25, 50/2, 1x4, 4x6, 25+30. Yes she can do division too! We've only asked division problems that end in whole numbers since we don't have decimal points on Proloquo2Go, but that is definitely something to look at. Caleigh's movements are stronger in this video. I spent quite a bit of energy blocking her movements and during both of these videos Caleigh was very interested in chewing on her hands. I'm pretty sure she enjoys making me wait for the answer as you can see in the last question I ask her.

Here's a list of math problems that Caleigh has answered for us so far:

8x6, 48x12, 36+17, 56+40, 4x9, 63-12, 15/3, 16/4, 30/6, 100/10, 9x9, 16-14, 38+22, 65-32, 34+48, 89-53, 23+34, 4x8, 16/2, 23-6, 20/2, 11+11, 22/2, 13+25, 40/4, 20/4, 20/10, 50/2, 1x4, 4x6, 7x7 and many many more that we didn't document in the beginning.

More videos coming soon all in the name of documentation.
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