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Recap - The First Week

Holly D Gray4 Comments
Caleigh's first week of intensive therapy was amazing. She's stronger. She's a hard worker. She understands that this is helping her. Caleigh wasn't cranky and really only acted semi-tired on Thursday. She actually woke up giggling to herself this morning. She's my rock star.
The big focus of this 3 week session is to strengthen her arms, more specifically - triceps. Previously Caleigh hasn't really used her triceps. Baring weight on her arms is a challenge. Look at those triceps in the photo above! She's lasting longer and pushing harder than ever before.

Something that has become very evident during this first week is that Caleigh's newborn reflexes have not left the building yet. We already knew this but her STNR and ATNR are very present. These reflexes are hindering the sitting, crawling and all the early childhood movements. There isn't a cure or a special "fix" to integrate these movements. We hope that after repeated exercises working against the reflexes Caleigh's brain will work around them.

Caleigh is following directions so well that she is able to slowly control these movements. We need to be more conscious about asking her to make movements instead of just putting her into positions. She can do it. I've seen it several times this week.

I myself am tired.
The first morning I got up early, showered and had everything ready to go. We were out the door earlier than I had planned. As I drove down the HOV lane I had a feeling of worth. I was up and dressed with every other adult headed to work that morning. It felt good to have a routine purpose for the drive in. It reminded me of my working days. Call it first day excitement.

By the second morning, I was over the hour drive and definitely over my irritability towards other drivers. I'm over it. The drive is wearing me out.

Caleigh loves going and she tells our PT "Thank you" "I like it." Two more weeks to go and we will have a stronger more independent girl.

Exhausting drive or not, we are going.
Our DME guy came back out to move the i2i headrest onto Caleigh's leckey squiggles chair just in time for our eyegaze demo. This headrest is wonderful. Caleigh's Houdini headrest days are over. No more hooking her head around the headrest. She looks really good and it is working so well that I ordered one for each of her chairs and kidwalk.

So the eyegaze experience was a no-gaze experience. We showed up and because Caleigh couldn't hold her head still enough to calibrate the camera. It was actually pretty boring. She was supposed to look at a tiny dot on the screen as it moved around the screen five times. Boring for a three year old. She did it once, but something was off and it didn't work. It was annoying for Caleigh, but I can totally see the freedom it gives some people. The rep basically said that Caleigh wasn't a good candidate for eyegaze. I pretty much had figured that out by watching YouTube videos before our appointment. After we were done, Caleigh got on her iPad saying "I use my iPad to talk" over and over. The rep talked to us about some other devices that are more European, but might be just what she needs. We are planning a trial with a new device soon.
After the demo I went on a AAC recon mission. Googling anything I can find on iPad apps, switches, devices and language systems. I've found some interesting things. Just like anything technology based the 'new' gets 'old' really quick. There are great possibilities out there I've just got to square down some logistics.
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