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Updates before Intensive

Holly D Gray7 Comments
Tomorrow starts another 3 week intensive physical therapy session. So I thought I would run down some Caleigh updates that have been on my mind.
Last week our DME guy came out and adjusted Caleigh's power chair. She's grown taller again. I had them bring out this head rest to borrow. It's by Stealth, the i2i. The bracketing system is different on every single piece of equipment we own. The KidWalk was the only thing that the loaner head rest would go on without a major modification. So for now we are trying it on the walker, but have plans on adding this to the power chair and manual chair.
It really does get rid of the left head tilt that Caleigh has. In the KidWalk it doesn't do much good for keeping her head upright, but that is mainly a modification issue. The lateral currently can't come up high enough to support Caleigh's trunk right now. We can only customize the loaner so much.

I remember 2 years ago, during our first power chair trial, we were presented with the i2i head rest as an option. I thought it looked horrible. I turned it down pretty quickly actually. At the time, to me, it looked very stereotypical of a child with CP. Funny how my thoughts have changed since then. All in hindsight now.
This past Saturday was the annual beeping Easter egg hunt with our local division of blind services. This was our third year to attend. I mentioned it to Caleigh on Friday asking if she wanted to go. She said yes. I dropped it not really wanting to get up early to go. We wake up Saturday morning, pull out the iPad and asked Caleigh what she wanted to do that day. She goes to the alphabet and spelled out E-G-G-S....
At that point we decided to get dressed and go. How can you say no to that?
We had a good time. We hung out with our friends the Briggs. Played a few games and then it was our turn to "hunt" the beeping eggs. Caleigh snagged a few eggs and smiled tons.
We took our annual photo with the scary vest wearing bunny. Then we headed home. Caleigh had a really good time this year.
This week we have the start of intensive PT and then on Thursday Caleigh has a demo with the eyegaze system. We plan on demoing the Tobii eyegaze system soon as well. She is still firm in her "I use my iPad to talk" stance. So we'll see how things go.
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