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Barrier Free is cool with me

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Literally 3 minutes from our house is a brand new barrier free playground. The playground had it's grand opening ceremonies on Saturday morning so we stopped by and hung out with some of our friends. The park was crowded with people, but already I could tell that this park will change our lives.
There was a roll-on merry-go-round. It's amazing for kiddos in wheelchairs, but super complicated/dangerous for the kids pushing it around. I've already seen a handful of kids hit the ground. Think about the treadmill effect....
Caleigh & Kendall swinging
We will have to figure out a strap system for these swings, but so far Caleigh is staying put fairly well. I'm a finger tip away from her and an added bonus is the super squishy flooring that covers the area.
The "circle swing," as we are now calling it, is Caleigh's most favorite thing in the whole park. She can't seem to get enough of it. The definite con to this amazing round wonder is that there is no shade over the swing and the white area is metal. I'm thinking we won't be able to use it in the hot summer. Bummer.
Caleigh and Wade enjoying the merry-go-round.
We were only able to stay at the grand opening for about 30 minutes. Caleigh started throwing one of her loud fits so we decided to exit the park. I thought maybe she was hot, maybe tired, possible crowd overload. Nope. I pull out the iPad when we got to the van and what does she tell me? "I want to play" Yep, we were just standing around talking and not playing anymore. Caleigh has never been able to play at a park before. We tried all of the stuff, but really didn't stay with anything very long because of the crowds. She threw a temper tantrum because she wanted to play. That makes me smile. It makes my heart happy that she now has a park that she can call her own. A park that allows her to "do" without our help. It's a beautiful thing.

So with a whole new section programed into the iPad Caleigh can now ask to go to the park and tell us what she wants to play on when we get there.

What did Caleigh want to do this morning?

Go to the park, of course!
So my Mother's Day morning consisted of swinging, and swinging, merry-go-rounding and sliding.
I educated a couple of kids that were fascinated by Caleigh's iPad use. I also hung out with a bunch of dads and their kids. It must have been a theme; let mom sleep in - take kids to the park to waste time.
Caleigh played a whole hour and preceded to throw a fit when I told her it was time to go. Mommy was tired. I also played at the park for an hour!

We are now open for many playdates at the park. What an absolutely normal thing to be able to do. I love it!
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