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Feeling Better

Holly D Gray4 Comments

For the past couple of days, since emotional Tuesday, Caleigh has been doing really well. She hasn't had any timeouts and amazingly enough she hasn't taken off her glasses once. Maybe the lesson was learned?

I added two new choices to her iPad yesterday. "I need to take off my glasses" & "I need to take off my boots." I've also made an eye appointment for Monday and then from there we will go look at new eye glasses just in case the current pair is getting too small. Although, she doesn't complain about them hurting. I just want to check all our bases.

On Wednesday morning Caleigh did wake up "sad." She was sad that she had gone potty in her diaper and that she needed help changing it. We used that opportunity to talk about her feelings and the fact that she needed help. I think it went well.

Yesterday, she pitched a fit at OT because she didn't want to throw balls into a game. After she calmed down, she said: "I don't like it, okay" "B-A-L-L-S" Our OT was helping Caleigh do the throwing because she cannot yet achieve that task on her own. I think that realization triggered the moment.

Despite the one ball incident, Caleigh has been happy and she is sleeping well. I'm not sure I want to jinx anything, but Caleigh has been sleeping through the night now for the last month. I'm finally having some nights where I do the same.

Hoping we have a weekend full of good choices and happy smiles.
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