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It's been over a week since my last post. We've been busy enjoying the hot weather. Here's a little recap.

I took Caleigh last week to get her eyes checked. It's almost been a year since we got her glasses so I wanted to make sure nothing had changed. As soon as they dilated her eyes, her cooperation level went to zero. Her prescription hasn't changed, but of course the eye doctor still wants us to do surgery on her crossed eyes. I bascially told him our kid is doing amazing things with the iPad we aren't ready to cut on anything. He never gets to see Caleigh like we do. She always closes her eyes and refuses to participate. It's a hard decision.

We went and picked out new glasses and they should be in sometime this week. Caleigh's head has grown and we were getting close to needing new frames anyways. Since the long time out, Caleigh doesn't mess with her glasses. Occasionally, I have to warn her, but over all I think the lesson was learned.

Caleigh did ask to go to the library this last week. When we got there she started crying so much that we didn't even make it inside. I'm thinking we will take a break from the library. For whatever reason it upsets Caleigh.

We were accepted and approved for a charity that wanted to provide us with a wheelchair lift for the van. We went through an evaluation and decided on a Bruno Curb-Sider. We dropped off the van. Four hours later when we arrived to pick it up we were shocked.
The lift was in the van, but the installer actually CUT Caleigh's power chair to "make it fit." They didn't even call us before deciding to cut the chair! Long story short, they will be replacing the damaged areas of the power chair. There have been a lot of I'm sorry's and apologizing going around, but the truth is I don't have the patience for this. Our property was treated with complete disrespect and now we just want it back to where it was before the installation fiasco.
We are still deciding on the lift. The current installation doesn't allow the chair to clear the bumper of the van. So we can't use it anyways. We may go with a platform type instead. We'll make that decision sometime this week and hopefully get everything resolved.
On Friday, I got away for a day and made a trip to Austin with a couple of friends. We shopped, swam, walked around, watched the bats fly out from underneath Congress bridge and made it home at 2am.
It was a nice break from our normal. I had to get up with Caleigh the next morning so I'm pretty sure I lost a whole night's worth of sleep. I may need a vacation from my vacation.

The next day we went over to Kendall's house for our first swim of the summer. We hit 100 degrees for the first time. The girls had so much fun kicking around.
The water was a little chilly, but Caleigh literally smiled the entire time.
Caleigh's smile makes my heart melt. I am so happy that she loves to swim.
Swimming is something that Caleigh can do all by herself. I think that's one of the reasons why she loves it so much.
On Memorial Day, we spent the day putting up Caleigh's little pool in our backyard again. It should be ready for a swim this afternoon.

I've decided that Summer 2011 will be the summer of fun for Caleigh. We've booked our beach condo for July. We are visiting friends in the mountains as well. Swimming, early morning walks and road trips will fill our days. Therapy, AFOs, and equipment will just have to take a backseat for a few months.
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