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Caleigh's Communication Part 5 - Tobii

Holly D Gray8 Comments
On Friday we received our trial demo of the Tobii C15. Complete with CEye Eye Control Module which means that Caleigh can look at the choice she wants on the screen and the eye-gaze system recognizes that choice and says it out loud.
It is also capable of using switch scanning as an accessible method. Right now we are using the eyegaze system and then in a week or two we will try the switch scanning depending on how things are going.

This loaner device is huge. The C15 is the largest in Tobii's line. At this point it is stationary on our dinning room table. Something so big is definitely made for a wheelchair or table mount. They do have smaller devices if we choose to purchase one.

The reason that Tobii is high on my list of must try communication devices is their software. They have 7 different software options and each does something incredible. You can also run more than one software at the same time. Our loaner is running Communicator and LiterAACy. My favorite right now is called LiterAACy. You can check out the link to see why I love it so much, but mainly the awesomeness is due to it's word predication capabilities. It also has fun stuff like a calculator, diary, phone, and an area that Caleigh could save files that she creates. Tobii also uses SymbolStix which are the same images/symbols that Proloquo2Go does. Familiarity is always nice.

So far, 6 days into the our little demo wonderland, Caleigh has successfully selected words and choices a hand full of times. She tells us, after her little sessions with the Tobii, that she likes it, but that it is hard. Even though this is the best eyegaze system we have tried; it's still not perfect. Caleigh's movements make it hard for the system to read her pupils. In fact we are using the demo mode because we haven't been able to calibrate the eyegaze camera to her eyes. Talking with Caleigh's eyes may not be the right route, but we won't know until we try it.

We are allowed to keep the trial Tobii for a little over a month. So I'll update again before we return it.
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