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Growing & Growing

Holly D Gray10 Comments
Last Friday we went and picked up Caleigh's new glasses.
They are really similar to the last pair. Both purple, both plastic frames, similar shape. The big difference is that this pair is 2 sizes larger.
Caleigh is growing like a weed. Her good sleeping habits have been helping her grow. Caleigh's hair is longer, her clothes are tighter and she has just about grown out of size 6 diapers. Her feet are a tiny bit bigger too. She now wears an XS or S in little girls clothes. Toddler clothes are totally out of the question now.
Our wonderful DME people came out and spent two and a half hours adjusting Caleigh's equipment. The stander, power chair, manual chair, walker...all needed a few inches adjusted. They added the i2i headrest to her powerchair and Kidwalk. Caleigh has outgrown her manual wheelchair at this point. So we are working on the decision of what chair to get next.
We always get comments on how big Caleigh is getting. Most ask something along the lines of how on earth we are going to keep caring for her. Caleigh hears everything. She understands everything. So my usual comment is that we are working on driving the power chair and that being able to carry and care for Caleigh is a blessing.

No matter how big Caleigh may get, we will forever be grateful that she is able to do just that! Besides, Caleigh will always be our baby girl....
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