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Power Chair Driving

Holly D Gray2 Comments
This past week our DME people came back out and set up Caleigh's power chair with head switches. The directional switches are embedded in the headrest of the chair. This means that Caleigh can simple put her head upright and straight back to make the chair go forward.

Right now we only have the forward and right switches activated. She doesn't seem to interested in the right switch which I think may be positioning related. Caleigh's endurance in the chair is higher than it ever has been. She smiles and takes breaks often. The above video was taken a few days ago. We try to get outside in the morning before it gets too hot. This morning Caleigh drove her chair around the backyard for an hour. Longest time to date. There wasn't a melt down and no frustration. I simply asked if she was done driving her chair. A lot of that hour was chewing on her hands and looking around, but the big difference was that I left her alone. I sat on our hammock and enjoyed our quiet time rather than spouting directions or moving the chair for her. I did have to help her get out of the fence, but I think she enjoyed hitting it. It's nice to see her head upright when her chair is moving. That just so happens to be a nice bonus.

Caleigh tells us that driving her chair with her head is easier for her. There are still a lot of adjustments to make, but I think head switches will be with us for quite some time. Caleigh says that she likes it and right now we're happy with that. As long as she is content while being in her chair, I think that makes it a positive experience that she will want to come back to.
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