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Pre-K Evaluation - Take 2

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Yesterday, at 8:30 in the morning, we took Caleigh for her second evaluation for public school. The evaluation is a formality at this point. Mainly because the whole reason for an evaluation is to determine services. Even though the school is aware of Caleigh's needs, I wanted to start the process fresh from the beginning and asked for another evaluation.
Caleigh is a completely different kid from this time last year. Last year our GI doctor didn't want her attending school. She had just come off of TPN and still had her central line. She was fragile medically and emotionally we weren't ready for the risks involved with her attending pre-k. This year is a whole new ball game. Caleigh has been healthy for nearly a year. It's been a year and five months since Caleigh has been admitted to the hospital. Not to mention academics. Totally different kid.
Caleigh's evaluation meeting lasted an hour and a half. There was a diagnostician, speech therapist, PPCD teacher, our vision therapist & orientation and mobility specialist present. Caleigh was a rock star through the whole meeting and really ate up the fact that there was a room full of people listening to everything she had to say on her iPad.
We discussed Caleigh's health, needs and a way to properly evaluate her. This time there wasn't any formal tests. There won't be any IQ numbers given. Caleigh qualifies for PPCD under the orthopedic impairment category. Everyone agreed that if given the proper communication tools, Caleigh would flourish. Everyone in the room agreed that Caleigh will be in a regular classroom with her typically developing peers. The pre-k teacher was a bit concerned with Caleigh's advanced cognitive abilities and quite honestly what to do with her in a classroom setting. We all agreed that Caleigh is 3 years old and school will be fun for her. One day she may get bored with the curriculum, but at this point she will probably consider school to be an enjoyable experience. Basically, we will deal with that then. So when goals were brought up we focused on the social aspects of a group setting. Communication and power chair driving are also biggies. Teaching Caleigh that the outside world doesn't revolve around her is a big goal of ours. Patience Patience. Although she is 3.
Overall, I'm really pleased with the outcome of this evaluation. I feel like Caleigh's strengths stood out and everyone was on the same page as far as what Caleigh will need. I have high hopes this time around. I hope that everything stays organized and well planned. I hope that Caleigh's needs are addressed in the best manor.

When asked if she wants to go to school, Caleigh now says "yes." I'm also ready and I think that means a lot in the whole process. Without an open mind there really can't be progress from both sides. One year later and one year wiser.

Caleigh's ARD meeting will be scheduled in August. School starts August 22nd.

All of the photos are from Caleigh driving her new baby Cinderella doll around the house. The new baby doll was part of the incentive plan we used to have Caleigh cooperate during the meeting. AKA...bribery.
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