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Upon coming home from vacation we noticed that Caleigh was showing early signs of bacterial overgrowth in her intestines. We started her on the regular antibiotic this past Monday. A few days in and she seemed to be getting better. By Thursday things started going down hill again. Whatever is going on in that little tummy doesn't want to leave without a fight.

Caleigh's bottom is sore, her tummy is large and hot, but not hard. We keep checking the softness. A hard tummy is the tipping point and we would end up going to the ER. So far all is soft. Another positive is that Caleigh is holding steady with her fluid balance. She is retching quite a lot, but the dirty diapers have slowed some.

Caleigh is very tired, but not sleeping well. She is up most of the night with dirty diapers and just being uncomfortable. She usually sleeps on her stomach and right now that seems too painful for her.

We've started up the ulcer medication again hoping to calm down some of the inflammation. Caleigh still has 3 days left on Xifaxin. The plan today is to hold out and wait until we can see our GI doctor tomorrow. Hopefully. I'm sure he will want to run some tests and we will probably get another antibiotic to run a course of.

Caleigh hasn't had bacterial overgrowth in a very long time. I don't even recall off the top of my head the last time. This time she seems more grown up about it. She tells us "I don't like it" & "my tummy hurts." She told me this morning that she wanted to go back to sleep and she did just that. We have body parts in a section on her iPad. Caleigh was flinching when I picked her up or moved her; so I asked what hurt. She answered "intestines." She tells me when she's able, that she needs to go to the potty. It's been a very different experience. She seems more calm knowing that we understand her pain.

Today, we have camped out on the couch and we've been watching Caleigh requested kids shows. It's been a relaxing Sunday despite the tummy issues. Please say a prayer this week for Caleigh's tummy to get better. There are so many things to look forward to at the end of summer and preschool is just 22 days away!
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