Made of Gray

We're Back!

Holly D Gray3 Comments
As of last night we are home. Back to reality. Back to adult responsibility. My to-do list is long and the laundry pile is huge, but we are so incredibly happy to have been able to take Caleigh on her first vacation. She did amazingly well and loved the trip.
Caleigh came home with some crazy bacterial overgrowth. I'm guessing the Emerald Coast wasn't so nice on her intestines. We are starting antibiotics today. Last night alone she retched 3 times and I changed her diaper 5 times. This morning has been more of the same.

We also came home to a clogged A/C drain pipe, which leaked out of the overflow pan straight down to our kitchen floor. In trying to find the leak, Eric stepped straight through the ceiling. Eric and his dad are working on the wet insulation and ceiling hole as I type. It wasn't the welcome home we were looking for, but you really just have to laugh about it. Murphy's Law.

Once things settle in a bit more, I'll share vacation stories!
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