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Baby Love

Holly D Gray5 Comments
At 3 years 360 days old, Caleigh loves her babies.

I've always yearned for her to "play" with baby dolls. Early on Caleigh would get dolls, stuffed animals and the like for gifts. They would collect dust and we ended up donating a lot of the stuffed animals.

As a child I spent hours upon hours playing with dolls. I was a true girl. I was a little mama. A mother hen. So when I wanted my daughter to play pretend with her dolls and toys, I was quickly reminded that fine motor skills are a must when playing with toys. It was something that was a small hit to me. Plans change as we all know too well. I scrapped it and moved on.

Flash forward to about a month ago and Caleigh's love of her babies has blossomed. We always ask Caleigh what she wants to do. Most of the time she dictates her day by choosing activities on her iPad. If she chooses stander, we ask what she wants to do in it. This week she could care less about music, movies and coloring. Watching a movie has been the reining champ to date. Now, her request is to play with her babies. Stander, power chair, playing on the floor they all involve baby time.
I wonder if Caleigh pretends with her babies or if she just likes to hold them and love on them. Either way, I'm thrilled. I've learned that "playing" with toys isn't always done in a traditional way. I absolutely love that Caleigh has met this little girl milestone in her own unique way.

I asked Caleigh if she knew what she wanted for her birthday. She said "yes." I asked her if she could spell it. She said "yes." She spelled out "Baby Tiana" without an ounce of hesitation. Baby Tiana is just what she will get.
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