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Better with Updates

Holly D Gray3 Comments
Caleigh is feeling much better than she was at the beginning of the week. The change in antibiotic was the key. We are still waiting on the results of the stool studies that will tell us exactly what was going on, but the important thing is that she is feeling better. Caleigh's stool is still crazy looking, but her symptoms, other than fatigue, are gone.

We took Caleigh to a follow-up orthopedic appointment. They did another hip x-ray while we were there. Caleigh's left hip is still a tad bit out of socket, but the position hasn't changed in the last six months. So for now we will go in for an x-ray every six months to check it. While we were there we talked about Caleigh's leg length discrepancy. Her left leg is shorter than her right. So we have decided to add a quarter inch lift to her left AFO just to see if it helps her balance and standing. Other than that Caleigh is doing good in the bone department.

Caleigh's first ARD meeting is scheduled for this coming Friday. I was able to talk to her teacher yesterday and she seems very nice and knowledgeable with a lot of experience. I'm not going to lie, I'm having tons of anxiety about the process. The entire summer I really haven't been all too worried, but something about scheduling "the meeting" really set me off. I have the evaluation and a draft IEP already in hand, and things look good to start with. There are a few things that seem to not be in place, or maybe just misunderstood; such as Caleigh's health concerns and overall assistance needs. I plan on making a few calls on Monday to make sure everything is in order for the meeting. Prayers for guidance and clarity during the next week would be amazing.

On a totally unrelated note, we have decided to put Caleigh's Make-A-Wish on hold for the time being. Something else extremely overwhelming and exciting has presented itself. I can't wait to tell everyone about it. I'm about to bust actually!

UPDATE 8/9/11: after many calls, emails, comments and texts I just want everyone to know that no we are not pregnant. No bun in the oven. Not expecting.
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