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Stool samples
We were able to get Caleigh in to see her GI doctor early this morning. She is in quite a bit of pain. Especially when he was pushing around on her tummy. Her abdomen is still very hot to the touch, but she isn't running a fever. Caleigh's stool returned trace amounts of blood which I'm not at all surprised about.

The consensus is that there is an infection of some sort. The many stool samples that we will be trying to collect the rest of the day are to test for cultured bacteria, parasites, eggs, c-difficile, and giardiasis. It should be interesting trying to get all of the samples. We are switching antibiotics, to Flagyl, in anticipation of one of the above issues returning positive.

Caleigh flinches anytime she is moved and being on her tummy is really out of the question. Tylenol has helped her sleep and comfort levels. Her fluid balance is still good. She is tolerating her feeds well. She retches and vomits only with medicine and fluid boluses so we have slowed the increments of those trying to lessen the volume.

Depending on the stool sample results we might be looking at a very short ocean swimming career for little miss Caleigh. We aren't giving up on the idea, but there will have to be serious precautions if there is a next time.

We are all very worn out. Constant diaper changes, medicine doses, entertaining a sick girl and interrupted sleep is rough. Things could always be much worse. We are very blessed to be able to treat this at home. Hoping the new antibiotic works wonders soon.
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