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Impending Scope

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Yesterday, we took Caleigh to our GI doctor. I came in with a list of concerns. Long story short, Caleigh will be having an upper and lower scope sometime before Oct. 14th.
Morning walk.
The plan was to try another ulcerative colitis medication, Apriso, and see how she was doing in a week. At that time we would decide on the scope. When we got home the Apriso was in a capsule full of teeny tiny balls that time release as they go through the digestive tract. Typically you would eat this medication mixed in something thick. We have to give it through Caleigh's g-button. It wouldn't work. So I called the doctor back and he canceled the Apriso trial and went straight for scheduling the scope. Eric got creative and mixed it in a suspension of Caleigh's milled flax seed and it actually went down the button, but not without a fight. We are still going to try the medicine and hope that it makes her feel better.

Other issues we talked about were: diaper rash, body odor, excessive tiredness/low energy, labs, vomiting, weight control, sugar enzymes.

I went back on the blog here and read the results of Caleigh's last scope back in January 2010. Honestly, I have a way of blocking everything out. The details discovered during that scope were not surprising for Caleigh's history with short bowel syndrome, but really, denial is a good coping mechanism when things are going well, which they have been for the last year. I had forgotten a lot of the highlights. I do not purposfully go back and read the years of posts on this blog. They are there if I need them and today that worked out. They also put things in perspective though.

Another thing that was discussed was Caleigh's weight. We have been talking to the dietitian for awhile now. Now that the doctor gave his ok, Caleigh will be going on a bit of a diet.

We took Caleigh this morning to have blood drawn for a large amount of labs. Each stick produced blood, but then it clotted quickly. They have a 3 stick limit so they got some blood but probably not enough for all the tests. So we are waiting to see what we get back.

As far as school, my brain isn't handling this intestinal setback well. I've talked to an administrator about my concerns and Caleigh's health and I plan on having another meeting with more people involved. BUT I just can't do it right now with the scope planned and Caleigh in pain, stooling all day. It's just too much. So, I'll take denial again for 200 please.

When more information on the scope comes up I'll let everyone know.
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