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Painting with Marbles

Holly D Gray6 Comments
Awhile back I ran into a marble painting project on Pinterest. I filed it in the to-do part of my brain and moved on. Today I woke up and decided that I wanted to bust out the marbles and paint. The only problem was that Caleigh and I had to venture out to actually buy marbles. We didn't own any and I'm pretty sure Caleigh had never seen a marble before today.
$1.29 later we had a small bag of marbles and we were set. I used Grammie's cricket machine to cut out some pumpkins, since Halloween is only two days away. Next, I taped them to an old pan we had hanging out in the kitchen {note to self - scrub pan better next time}.
After we played with the marbles for awhile, we dipped them into the paint, threw them in the pan and got to painting.
I showed Caleigh how to hold the pan and tilt it back and forth. I helped her a lot throughout the process, but I held her hands in place. We re-soaked the marbles in paint three times until the pumpkins were coated. Caleigh smiled a lot and seemed to be engaged and having fun.
I backed away to take some photos and Caleigh decided to do a little more painting. She picked up the pan and started moving it around. It was really great to see. Caleigh's motor skills are really improving. Definitely a proud Mommy moment.
Honestly, I've never painted with marbles before. It was really fun and the results are neat. I have plans for Christmas tree banners and Valentine hearts in the future.
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