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Proloquo2Go iPad Keyguard

Holly D Gray11 Comments
Since the moment Caleigh and I drove to the Apple store and bought her iPad, I've been trying to create a functional keyguard for Proloquo2Go. Caleigh needs a keyguard no questions asked.

There have been many prototypes as you can see. I'm not sure why I kept them all, but as of today the drawer has been cleaned out.
I'm not even really sure when "the one" came into use. Maybe a year or so ago. I get emails and comments all the time asking me where we got it. If we run into a therapist of any type they get all excited and ask me all about it. I've been told to patent it...yeah, in my spare time with all my spare moola. I wish. It's made of gluesticks. Hot glued together to form a grid. Just enough of a ledge that Caleigh can rest her hand on it. Just enough texture and form that she doesn't have to look to use it. We can easily pull it off and put it on again. It's been amazing.
When Caleigh started preschool, there were questions about the keyguard. What if it breaks? What if another kid destroys it? How would we get another one? My answer: "glue it back together." Ta-Da. Fixed. I can't tell you the number of times that I have glued it back together. That's the beauty.

So the team's hesitation got me thinking about keyguards again. I used to do a quick google search all the time, but once the glue stick keyguard was in place there really wasn't much reason to look. There were rumors of P2Go designing their own, but I never found anything. Our speech therapist told me about another family that ordered an acrylic keyguard online about the time we started getting questions from the school.

So I went online, found them here and ordered one. You can order different sizes, colors and get very custom if need be. I actually talked to someone at the company because we needed a little more specific alterations with the home button cutout. We had it in our mailbox in no time.
The keyguard is made to just lay on the screen. This wouldn't work for Caleigh because she would pull it off, and when it's vertical, gravity doesn't help out. So, I used Grammie's Cricket machine to cut a nice strip of transparency and I super-glued it to the edge of the keyguard. This plastic piece slides underneath the otterbox frame and holds it down. I will say that I think the keyguard is fragile. So if you have a rough kiddo or your prone to dropping, it may not last long. For us it's no biggie, Caleigh doesn't rough up her belongs.
So far so good. It's cleaner, more see through and definitely more official looking. The true test was with Caleigh. She says she likes it and she's doing really well using it. There was no transition period. Best $20 we've spent in a long time.
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