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Biopsy Results

Holly D Gray5 Comments
The results to Caleigh's scope biopsies are nothing extremely new and groundbreaking.

Bacterial Overgrowth
Enlarged lymph-nodes in her colon

The results to the intestinal disaccharidases testing (enzyme testing) came back inconclusive due to the overwhelming small bowel bacterial overgrowth. All of the enzymes tested came back "low."
One bit of good news was that Caleigh's villi were not bleeding. So the ulceritive colitis was under control at the time of the scope. The Gastroenteritis that was found in the biopsy just means that the bacteria is causing her intestines to be inflamed. It's closely related to the irritation of a severe stomach bug. Caleigh just happens to have it all the time. The enlarged lymph-nodes in her colon are attributed to the bacterial and her short bowel condition. Caleigh's colon is tiny; actually it's called a micro-colon and this is due to the many surgeries that have saved her life. Scar tissue and damaged areas blocked the growth of her colon along the way. This isn't something that can be changed. The enlarged lymph-nodes are "to be expected."

With the bacteria in Caleigh's intestines blocking results we will not be given a set list of enzymes that she has or does not have. These enzymes help her break down foods. I was so hoping for a chance to feed her real food again. I was hoping for a -- she can have this but not that answer. This is a chronic condition though. There just doesn't seem to be any new answers out there. We do what we know works and stay away from what doesn't. So for now we will continue to work on clearing up the bacteria just like we have been for the last 4 months.
In trying to clear up the bacterial overgrowth, we started a new (to Caleigh) antibiotic, Alinia, on Monday. After 4 days on it, Caleigh has started having coffee ground stool and tested positive for blood. She doesn't seem to be in pain, but at the same time she is tired and weak. I'm waiting on a return call from GI, but I imagine we will stop the med. After checking out the ingredients, Alinia has sucrose as a binder in it. Caleigh has had trouble with sugars in the past. One being lactose and now I'm assuming sucrose. These are things that we would have learned from the enzyme testing had the results been more clear. So now we add sucrose to the list of things Caleigh can not have and we move on hoping to find the ambiguous answer.

{We have removed the headrest on Caleigh's stander to help strengthen her neck muscles. Plus, she was always hooking her head around the headrest anyways. When her head goes back she picks it up again. She is doing really well with the change and says she likes it. }

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