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Premature Adrenarche

Holly D Gray1 Comment
A new diagnosis hit us this past Friday. It wasn't surprising really. Caleigh's endocrinology labs came back showing that her adrenals are "open." This happens when your body is getting ready for puberty. Caleigh's body is secreting the hormone androgens early. This is considered the stage before precocious puberty. Caleigh has 3 of the 4 symptoms to this diagnosis; oily skin, pubic hair, and body odor.

The bone age scan of Caleigh's hand was normal and that is a good sign. An increased bone age can indicate an early puberty.

So we sit and wait it out. We will go to endocrinology every 6 months for blood work, bone scan and a growth check-up. Sometimes precocious puberty happens with this finding and other times it doesn't.

In other gloomy news, Caleigh's surgeons are closing their office. I'm not privy to what happened yet, but I've made an appointment for Dec. 6th to talk with them and find out. I'm actually in a bit of a panic every time I think about it. These two surgeons, who always work together for Caleigh, are the ONLY two people I trust with her situation. They know Caleigh inside and out...literally. 9 bowel surgeries and countless central lines placed. I owe her life to their skilled hands. What if Caleigh needs a central line? What if Caleigh needs bowel surgery again? Would we have to go to Boston? Heck, what about her g-button? The button is the absolute least of my worries. The entire reason behind us staying local when Caleigh was so very sick, was our team. The best surgeons and GI doctor anyone could ask for. I'm going to do some snooping around, but I guess I won't have any solid answers to my "what if's" until December 6th.
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