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Trick or Treat Weekend

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Early in October I asked Caleigh what she wanted to be for Halloween. She spelled out "Fancy Nancy." Fancy Nancy is Caleigh's favorite book series right now. Every time we go to the library we clean them out. We have read and re-read the same books over and over. Nancy's big thing is Fancy words and being generally Fancy. Plain is bad and Fancy is stupendous. Caleigh. Loves. Fancy. Nancy.
The weekend was filled with costume wearing fun. We went to a Fall Picnic, ate some BBQ, and took part in a small petting zoo.
There was only one baby goat and he/she wouldn't leave the corner. Grampa's farm had this place beat by a mile.
The Baby Lamb.
(ok, this was a grown sheep, but we went with lamb)

We have been doing small unit studies with Caleigh since she has been home from school. One of which was baby animals. I asked her what baby animal she would want if she could have any kind. She spelled out Lamb.
What a string of luck that there was a lamb/sheep for her to pet. Caleigh was excited!
The rest of the picnic looked something like this.
On Halloween night we headed down to Kendall's house to do a little trick or treating. Our neighborhood is fabulous, but it isn't very accessible, and there aren't many young children yet. So we went candy hunting with friends.
This was Caleigh's first year to trick or treat. I set up a page on her iPad for common Halloween sayings, but Caleigh totally froze each time we went to a door. Her arms pulled back and she got upset. It was too much pressure. We ending up playing music and a light show while we walked around.
Caleigh and Kendall. I love this picture. Kendall is totally going for Caleigh's candy bucket while Caleigh is blissfully unaware.

We ran into people we knew and Caleigh got to trick or treat at her speech therapist's house. We all had a lot of fun and the girls lasted a lot longer than we thought they would.

Caleigh said she had fun even though she could care less about the candy.
Holiday success story.
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