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Turkey Day & Updates

Holly D GrayComment
Caleigh was so excited about Thanksgiving this year. In lieu of pre-k, we've been doing turkeyish crafts and talking about pilgrims for awhile now. The holiday season this year is going to be extra special. I said it last year, but I can already tell that she just gets it. It's exciting to see.

The excitement started the night before where she tossed and turned most of the night. I finally went in at 5am and she was smiling from ear to ear. She was up and ready to go. Even though Caleigh can't eat the typical turkey day meal; she was mostly excited about going from house to house and visiting with family. Thanksgiving was a success this year despite the 5am start.
Today we wrote out a list for Santa. I sat patiently while Caleigh spelled out each word to everything she wanted for Christmas. Now this could get tricky if you think about it. Caleigh could want something and not be able to tell us because of our language barriers. If she wished for something and it didn't show up; then what would her thoughts of Santa be? I was insistent that we mail Santa a list. If he doesn't have a list then he doesn't know what you want, type of scenario. I'm probably over thinking this situation, but I imagine the years to come will get more complicated. We're going to call this a tradition. Aren't traditions mostly born out of necessity?

The most interesting thing she asked for was a "Baby Abby." My first thought was "wow, this plan isn't going to work." I asked Caleigh if she knew what Baby Abby looked like and she said "yes." So I opened up the computer and googled "baby abby doll." Wouldn't you know the first thing that popped up was a baby from pottery barn. I asked Caleigh if that was the doll and she said "yes." We get those catalogs almost every week. Occasionally, I'll flip through them while Caleigh is sitting with me. How on earth she remembered that baby's name is beyond me. She is our observant little girl for sure.
Caleigh's intestinal issues seem to be steady right now. She has good days and bad days. We can't seem to narrow anything down, but as of right now she has been off of the antibiotic Flagyl for 2 weeks. This is the longest stretch since the bacterial overgrowth started back up in August. We are giving a heavy duty probiotic once a week right now and we continue using the oreganol oil. I'm starting to have thoughts that we can beat the bacteria again. Caleigh was without bacterial overgrowth for well over a year. I can almost see over the hill.
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