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3 Sleeps

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It's been almost 2 weeks. I haven't updated about Caleigh's eye and everything else she has been up to lately. So, I thought I would take a moment to jot things down. No particular order here....
Caleigh's eye is better. She has a few remaining pink healed areas and it hasn't bothered her for over a week now. The liquid medicine, that contained sorbitol, didn't work for Caleigh's intestines. With each dose she was vomiting more and her stooling was increasing. We stopped it and now we add sorbitol to our list of intolerable sugars. We have an eye appointment on Friday to check on things. I suspect everything will be fine.

We've had several Christmas get togethers with many still to go. This past weekend was packed with them. Caleigh got the chance to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas using her iPad. She gave her name and age. She went through the whole list. She even threw in some chit chat. When Santa asked if she was a good girl this year, Caleigh told him "no." He said, "Oh, I'm sure you've been a good girl." She said "I don't know." I think she might have been testing him...

We've been doing an Advent calendar this year. Caleigh enjoys it and she can tell you exactly how many days until Jesus' birthday.

We went ahead and signed Caleigh up for another semester of art class. She seemed excited about it and other than the "don't help me" whining, she did really well. Caleigh was even invited to a play date with one of the kids in the class. Socialization...check.

I've been working on getting curriculum together in hopes of starting to formally home school this coming January. I think I have everything set, except math. Most of the kindergarten math companies have manipulates and it's all about counting. I discovered Singapore Math, and I like what I am reading about it so far. No manipulates, just straight facts. Repetition is kept to a minimum. In general, the grade level of Singapore Math is one year ahead of traditional levels. They have placement tests on their website so that you can decide what level your child is. Each test takes about an hour to complete and I've been able to adapt each test for Caleigh using the iPad. I'm still testing right now, but so far she has completed and passed 3 math tests up to 2nd grade A. They have A & B for each grade. We will do B next and see where it takes her. I have yet to stump her. With each test she surprises me. The deeper I've gotten into choosing and deciding curriculum, the more confident I am that this is right for Caleigh. Where else could she get the right level of math while learning the right level of language arts? It just fits us.
We are trialing another communication device right now. Caleigh is doing pretty awesome with it so far. I hope to put up some video and talk more about it soon. We are all crossing our fingers that this is "the one."

Caleigh's bacterial overgrowth seems to have subsided. It's been just over a month since her last round of antibiotics. She stools up to three times a day, which is a good number for Caleigh. I actually made the decision to start upping her feeds again. We haven't done this since June. Right now she is getting fed 14.5 hours a day. Most of which is while she is sleeping. The freedom is really nice.

That's about all I can think about right now. With only three sleeps until Christmas we have a lot to do to get ready!
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