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Caleigh's Pool - Week Five

"Caleigh's Pool"Holly D GrayComment
Day 14 - Dirt work completed, french drains installed and trash removed 12-19-11
This was all done in the morning. By 1pm it was pouring down rain and continued most of the day. These photos were taken in-between down pours.



Frenchdrain Frenchdrain2

Day 15 - Irrigation Completed 12-20-11
New sprinkler pipes and heads installed. Sprinkler system wiring replaced.
Irrigation2 Irrigation
Day 16 - Fence paneling replaced 12-21-11
We plan on eventually replacing our fence with something a little taller and more private. Some of the fencing must be 20-30 years old at this point. Our house sits on a diamond shape lot, so to say we have a lot of fence is an understatement! It's on our home repair list.

12-22-11 through 12-26-11 Christmas Break
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