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Caleigh's Pool - Week Four

"Caleigh's Pool"Holly D GrayComment
Week four was slow going as well. The weather here in North Texas isn't cooperating very much with our Christmas swimming plans. Week three was freezing temps, this week was much warmer, but very dreary and rainy.

Day 12 - Rain water drained from pool shell 12-13-11
Interesting pool tidbit: The two holes drilled into the bottom of the pool shell (see photo below) are to keep the gunite from popping out of the ground. The weight of the water in a pool is actually what keeps the shell in the ground. Without water, it could just pop right out! These two holes help that issue. They will be one of the last things filled in and finished out.

Day 13 - Plumbing touch up 12-14-11
Pipes cut and fitted, Exposed pipes buried, Faucet hookup for water hydraulic pool lift.
Plumbing4 Plumbing3


12-14-11 through 12-16-11 Rain and warmer temperatures
Leaves and rain water fill the pool again.

At this point it's all finishing touches. The ground will be leveled and graded out. Gas meter hooked up. The inside of the pool will be finished and the irrigation completed. There is still quite a bit, but if the weather stays steady, it won't be much longer.
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