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Caleigh's Pool - Week Eight

"Caleigh's Pool"Holly D GrayComment
Day 25 - Power wash rocks 1-9-12
We got several inches of rain this day. They came out and power washed the rocks, brushed and cleaned out the leaves in the pouring rain.
Day 26 - Masonry rock repair and start-up chemical check 1-11-12
There were a few rocks that needed to be repaired and reattached. The start-up process is a three visit schedule. This was the second visit.

Day 27 - Start-up chemical completion and Landscaping 1-12-12
To finalize the start-up chemical process, they clean out the filters and make any adjustments necessary.


Day 28 - Training Day 1-13-11
Eric and I bundled up Caleigh, she chose her stander, babies and music; and then we headed outside for our pool training.
Meet Becky.... Caleigh's new pool cleaner.
Most families name their pool robot. I remember a friend's from when I was a kid, The Octopus. So when we asked Caleigh what she wanted to name her new pool cleaner she spelled out Becky. Becky is a Polaris 480 Pro....and apparently female.
Landscape3 Polaris480ProBecky
During our training we learned about the filtration systems, chemical balances and when everything needs to be cleaned and replaced.
The water in the pool is still very dirty. You can't even see the bottom right now. The landscaping is now covering the loose dirt. So that should help out a lot. We've put something called Alum into the water and shut off the filtration as of this morning. Alum puts a thin layer on the water. Once the filters are turned off the Alum sinks to the bottom of the pool taking all the dirt with it. Tomorrow they will come in and manually vacuum out the bottom of the pool.
By the end of next week the saltwater system, heater and chemical balances will be turned over to us. Today, January 15th, is supposed to be 70 degrees. We are hoping the unseasonably warm weather continues its pattern.
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