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Caleigh's Pool - Week Seven

"Caleigh's Pool"Holly D Gray7 Comments
Day 20 - Dirt Work and Final Water Pump Out 1-2-12
Eric and Grampa spent the afternoon cleaning up the fence area and adding more dirt to spots that needed it.
FenceDirtWork2 FenceDirtWork
That same day, the leaves and dirty water were pumped out of the shell for the final time.
Day 21 - Final City Inspection 1-3-12

Day 22 - Plaster 1-4-12
Pebble Sheen Aqua Blue

Day 23 - Plaster pressure washed, buffed and Water Filled 1-5-12
We started filling the pool with water somewhere between 10-11am.
Caleigh had her last chance to stand in the bottom of the pool with Daddy.
She was so incredibly hyped this day. We kept going outside to check the progress. She couldn't take a nap and told us that she felt "excited."
WaterFill2 WaterFillDay
The weather was beautiful and unseasonably warm. We spent most of the afternoon outside soaking it up.
WaterFillDay2 WaterFill3
There was still quite a bit to go by the time Caleigh was ready for bed.
Eric stayed up and finally turned the water off around 1am. Our estimate on water gallons is about 8900 give or take a shower or two. By the next morning the pool was full and gorgeous.
Day 24 - Pump and Chemical Start Up, Gas Meter and Mastic 1-6-12
The pumps were fired up and the start up chemicals were added to the water. The chemicals made the water cloudy and changed the overall color a bit.
Since the final city inspection was complete, the gas meter was ready to be installed.
On the decking, there was foam inserted in the joints when it was laid. On this day, they applied mastic to those joints. We weren't allowed to step on these areas for 24 hours.
For the next 14 days the pumps will run 24 hours. We will also be brushing the plaster twice a day to loosen up any debris and push it towards the main drains. Today, I quickly learned that the simple task of brushing is quite the workout.
There is still a lot of little things that need to be done before Caleigh's actual first swim. Now that there is water in the pool, Caleigh asks to go swimming at least twice a day. Little things that she can participate in seem to help the growing anticipation.
The next two weeks will hold all the finishing touches.
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