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Caleigh's Pool - Week Six

"Caleigh's Pool"Holly D Gray1 Comment
Day 17 - Door alarms and fence latch installed 12-28-11
Alarms were installed and a new fence latching system was placed before the final inspection could be completed. The final inspection is done just before the plaster is applied then the pool is filled with water.

Day 18 - City Inspection - Failed 12-29-11
The chain link fence that we had in-between our driveway and backyard did not meet our city inspection code. The holes were 2 1/4 round, city code requires 1 1/4 round and a certain gauge steel. Little feet could climb right up and over that fence in a hurry.
Eric spent most of the day calling around trying to find the correct size; only to find out that most everyone didn't carry it or hadn't heard of 1 1/4 chain link. Everyone from Home Depot to wholesalers were a no go. So we started going through options. Wood, metal, chain of loved ones holding hands.....
We needed something fairly quick. After all, the completion of the pool was waiting on this fence debacle.
We decided in the process that we wanted to remove this area of our driveway if we were going to go to the trouble of getting a new fence. It's purpose was another parking spot and backing up space. This makes our backyard bigger and gets rid of the already buckling concrete.
I love my vines. I'm a fan of all things green and if it stays green all year, even better. Everyone at Claffey Pools did their best to avoid tearing up the vines. In the end, we had to tear down the fence, which made them come down anyways. It was a sad day for my tree-huger heart. I'm hoping for a controlled vine return in the spring.

Friday was our 11th wedding anniversary. Our gift to each other was the unexpected metal fence and concrete removal. It's the little things, right?

Day 19 - New metal fence installed 12-31-11
We like it. It looks more modern and seems to go with the pool. The area looks tons larger, probably because the vines are gone. It's just more open.

We need to bring in some dirt to fill the hole where the concrete was. We'll have to decide on some landscaping at some point as well.
Fingers crossed the new fence passes the second city inspection. If it does, Caleigh's pool will be full of water by the end of next week.

Happy New Year!
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