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Christmas Recap 2011

Holly D Gray2 Comments
This year Caleigh's Christmas had one theme and one theme only.
DECxmas3 DECxmas5
Meet Baby Abby. Santa pulled through and brought Caleigh the exact doll she asked for. Dolls galore, puzzles, swim stuff and books dominated the unwrapping this year.
Some of the baby dolls Caleigh received already had names. The ones that didn't quickly got named. Some of the names Caleigh spelled out for her new dolls were: Elle (Swimming Baby) Gail (Elf on the Shelf) and Daleigh (pronounced Daylee).
Overall, it was a good Christmas. I know I say this every year, but each holiday gets better and better with Caleigh. She understands and grasps more about the traditions. She participates more now that she is using her iPad and quite honestly people are listening to her more often too.
Caleigh will name off the babies that she wants to play with. This particular day she asked for them all by name and then slowly but surely pushed them all off of her tray.
With Eric's work schedule we were up checking out what Santa brought at 5am this year. Caleigh was in a bit of a sleep fog the whole time. We made memories, took photos and opened presents in just enough time for Eric to make it to work. Caleigh took a 3 hour nap that day!
I got a new lens for my DSLR. It's more of an art type lens, but I like the dreamy effects. I've got some plans for it. Maybe this new year will give me the time I need for my art. Just Maybe....
Caleigh would play with babies all day if I let her. I like to think there is imaginative play happening while she is wiggling around on the floor or chewing on them while in one of her many pieces of equipment. Either way this is her favorite spot right now.
The Gray family is in organization mode now that the holidays are over. We are working toward a fresh and organized beginning to our official homeschool start and the completion of Caleigh's backyard oasis. This Christmas flew by, but I definitely know a little girl that will be counting down till next year.
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