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"Caleigh's Pool"Holly D Gray7 Comments
How do you say thank you for a life changing gift? How do you convey the emotions related to a gift that will bring your child joy for the rest of her years? Gratitude.
This past Wednesday, most of the individuals involved in creating Caleigh's pool came to our house to see the final product and to meet Caleigh. It was a cold and dreary day; the rain had stopped just long enough for the get together to happen. We gathered by the pool and the story of how Caleigh's pool came to be was told. The pool was blessed and then everyone huddled in for a photo.
Everybody was in and out fairly quickly. When everyone had gone and the house was once again quiet; we felt as though it just wasn't enough. Nothing we can say or do will ever be a big enough thank you. The Claffey family and their partners are amazing, humble and truly wonderful people. To see a little girl that wants nothing more than to swim; to take that wish and make it easily come true is just phenomenal to our family. Even though the pool is in and done, we still peek out into our backyard in total disbelief. It still doesn't seem real sometimes.

Over the nine weeks that the project took to complete; we were excited about each and every step. We absolutely enjoyed each area of the construction process. The anticipation for Caleigh was huge. It still is, and I guarantee that she will be excited each time she is able to swim. Our lives will never be the same again. Forever changed for the better. Forever joyful.
Once again a HUGE Thank You to the loving Claffey Pools Family and these wonderful partners that donated their services to Caleigh's pool.

Charlie Claffey
Brian Claffey
Shelley Claffey-Broder
Paul and Barbara Claffey
Mac's Excavating
Maddox Steel & Plumbing
Prestige Gunite
Gustavo Martin Tile & Coping
Alliance Materials
Avery Irrigation
Southwestern Plumbing
Pebble Technology
Zodiac Pool Systems
A & B Plaster
Mackie Electric
Kids Matter International

A special thanks, as well, to Caleigh's Mimi, Pop, Grammie and Grampa for all that you do to help with Caleigh and did do with the pool preparations. We couldn't do this without you.

Everything we do should be a result of our gratitude for what God has done for us. -Lauryn Hill
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