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Last week we had an appointment with a different eye doctor. This was a second opinion for strabismus eye surgery, prescription check, and another opinion on Caleigh's eye infection that she had in December. We took her to this particular doctor about 2 years ago for the same reason; a second opinion. Out of convienance we stayed with our original doctor, but the last 3-4 times we've gone in, the mood of the room has been very negative. Because we did not meet eye to eye on Caleigh having strabismus surgery; we were looked at as careless parents. So a change of pace was definitely needed.
The new(ish) eye doctor confirmed our concerns about surgery. He feels that Caleigh's eyes are crossed at times due to her dystonia and nothing more. We are happy with this confirmation. So from now on we will just watch it to make sure there aren't any changes. As far as the eye infection goes, we will have to wait and see if there is a next time and then take her in then. Hopefully there won't be a next time. He dilated her eyes, and Caleigh was very cooperative; something she wasn't at the previous office. This new doctor has amazing patience. The prescription changed only slightly with her astigmatism. We are scheduled back in a year unless we need something. The plan is to stick with this doctor from here on out. Even if it isn't the most convient plan, it's what is best for Caleigh.
So new glasses were ordered and they came in today. We decided to go with the frame-less Silhouette glasses. Caleigh's favorite color is still green so that was the color she picked. They aren't the classic, purple, thick frames, but comfort and the ability to grow into them a little bit more was the objective. We've got to play around with the adjustments some more, but already Caleigh's ears seem to be more comfortable. Same Caleigh, different glasses, but it will take some definite getting used to.
We also ordered new prescription sunglasses at the same time. Caleigh loves these. They are big and fabulous with room to grow. Little Hollywood. We ended up getting the lenses polarized for the soon to be long days by the pool.
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