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Spring Happenings

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Since Saturday Caleigh has been feeling better. Eric made it through his surgery with a lot of rest, ice and only one day off of work. I made it through taking care of both of them.

In a nut shell, I think that "something" we're dealing with is hormones from the premature adrenarche. Signs are pointing to a menstrual cycle sooner rather than later. Having your four year old deal with hormonal issues just doesn't seem right, but just like everything else we will push through and find a solution. For some reason I don't feel incredibly worried about this. There's a plan of action in place; maybe that is the difference.
This weekend we went to our local Make-A-Wish Run for Wishes. Caleigh's cousin, Avery (who is doing great by the way) just received her wish a few weeks ago so this was perfect timing. Caleigh and I had a great time getting our exercise in for a good cause.MARraceforwishes3 
Caleigh and Kendall got to hang out at a friend's birthday party this weekend too. They are just too cute together. Seeing Kendall's awesome manual chair gets me excited about Caleigh's. It should be in soon. We've been notified that insurance has approved it.
We heated the pool and swam most of yesterday. The water is getting warmer with the early Spring weather. The temperatures aren't dropping as much at night so it doesn't take very long to heat when we are ready.
Caleigh, just yesterday, really started kicking in the water. Maybe it was because she wasn't feeling great before, but she's warming up. Just because there hasn't been much kicking doesn't mean there has been a shortage of smiles. She is having a blast. Caleigh plainly told me to "let go" several times yesterday because I was holding her arm. I love the little bits of language peeking through.
MARswim2 MARspring
 In reference to language, we have decided to wait on ordering the PRC communication device that Caleigh recently trialed. There is an ugly lawsuit going on with PRC and an iPad app developer. We were also waiting on a new device to trial before making the final decision. Since the release of the iPad, AAC in general has been tossed up in the air. Nothing in the field will ever be the same, and I think this is a good thing. Another huge contender is Proloquo2Go, which Caleigh has been using for two years to communicate. They have announced plans for a free update complete with a core vocabulary base. The core language system is a huge seller for us and they may be able to fix that one weakness that the first version has. This may mean that we will need to go ahead and purchase a very expensive mounting system for Caleigh's wheelchair. Usually you can bundle this system with a device when submitting to insurance. Since we wouldn't be getting a device, we will need to buy it separately. For this to be successful we will need to have the best accessibility. Whatever it takes. I'm waiting to see what happens in the next few months before making any decisions though. Until then we keep doing what we are doing because it is working. 
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