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Holly D Gray5 Comments
One month after getting new spectacles, Caleigh, again, got new glasses. Confused yet? Long story short, everything that was amazing about the silhouette frames did not work for our dear sweet Caleigh. The nose pieces were spending most of their time in, on or hoovering over Caleigh's eyeball. The loss of an eye wasn't an option, so we traded them in.
Caleigh's new glasses are extremely similar to her older pair. Most everyone can tell that something is different, but can't quite put a finger on it. So far they are working out great.
These past couple of weeks have been a little rough for miss priss. Something is off we just haven't figured out what that something is. She had an infection around her g-button that we treated with a topical cream. That's all better. Today I took her to the pediatrician to rule out an UTI. Thankfully the test was negative, but really it leaves us back at square one. She's been crying at the drop of a hat, and totally unmotivated to do anything but listen to music and play with her babies. She hasn't slept through the night either. Daylight savings, Artane increase, allergies, hip pain, premature adrenache, 4.5 year old. It could be anything. Eventually we will figure it out.

Eric and I have been dealing with our own somethings. I had an "alleged" gallbladder attack a few weeks back followed up with several tests. Nothing showed up wrong so at this point I'm moving on. Eric has had three root canals since December with no luck. Tomorrow morning he will be having oral surgery. We are hoping this surgery will do the trick, and he won't be in pain anymore.
Other than the appearance that we are all falling apart, things have been pretty relaxed lately. We've been able to heat the pool and swim a couple of times, much to Caleigh's enjoyment. In general, we've just been taking it easy and working on feeling better.
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