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The Mushroom

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Shroomie nightlight. Let's hope this works.sweet girl.
So much has been going on these past few weeks it's hard to remember it all. I'll go down the line here...

Caleigh had her first EEG in over two years. She did really well and stayed quite content the entire thirty minutes. We got the results back and even though there are "discharges" none of them seemed to be seizure activity. So we can scratch seizures off of the possible list for sleep disruptions.

Caleigh's sleep has been somewhat better. After using her iPad in the middle of the screaming fits, we discovered that she was scared. Scared of her room, dark and depending on the night, certain stuffed animals. All typical stuff, but with her physical disabilities she can't jump out of bed and into mom and dad's bed. I took her shopping for a nightlight which she picked out. The mushroom above was the light of choice. Irony for the kiddo that doesn't eat, but it's a cute light. Since the nightlight, Caleigh has been falling asleep with no problems. Right now her pattern is to wake up about 3am needing to go potty or have her diaper changed. It's often hard for her to go back to sleep at that point. We also started waking her up at 7am no matter what the night was like. This too has helped regulate her daily nap and bedtime schedule. We are all slowly getting there.

Potty training has been big in our house again. Caleigh's only had one accident in the past two days. She's wearing big girl panties during the day if we are at home; pull-ups if not. I have to say it's exhausting though. I'm lifting her a lot more for this endeavor. We are spending a ton of time in the bathroom, but she is holding it when she needs too. I'm certain that if Caleigh was verbal she would be totally potty trained by now. It's something that she wants. She's proud when she makes it and upset when she doesn't. I'm not calling victory just yet, but things are getting better. 
dentist appt. and shopping complete. on our way home to crash.Love this girl.
We went to endocrinology to talk about Caleigh's hormones and premature adrenarche. Really we got nothing out of it. In six months we will do another bone age scan and blood work. Until then we will just watch and wait for any signs of breast buds or menstruation. Basically, the same as before.
Following Daddy.Home Depot driving practice again.
Caleigh has been on the Nexium for a few weeks now. The difference is really amazing. I can count on one had the number of times she has thrown-up. We played around with the timing of the dose and I think we have found a good time. For the first time in years we used a laxative for Caleigh's constipation this past week. Who knew a kid with short bowel could get good ole regular constipation? We were told to give her a little over a tablespoon, but we went the cautious route and gave her a teaspoon. One hour later she was on the potty and all clear. This alone has helped her rest better and she is generally in a much better mood. We have to go and get Caleigh's six month GI labs drawn sometime this week as well. Overall though, the GI stuff seems to be holding its own.
All I hear is quiet. Nice.No more tangled wires for C! #crochet #crocheting #crochetgoodness #handmade
Caleigh also had a dentist appointment last week. These aren't too dramatic. In fact, she seems to enjoy them lately. Is it odd for a kid to like the dentist? We take her every three months, instead of six, mainly because we are concerned about her grinding and enamel eroding. For Christmas we bought Caleigh the Sonicare Toothbrush for Kids. It's recommended for ages 4+. It's been amazing and just since December Caleigh's plaque build-up was barely existent. It has a timer, it plays music and it vibrates like crazy. Eric and I have been Sonicare users for years so it was a no brainer for us to get Caleigh one. I highly recommend it.
too cloudy but plenty warm enough for a 
swim today. #latergramGot one!
We've been so busy with appointments, home school and playing outside. As you can tell by the instagram photos, I haven't even pulled out my big camera these past few weeks. This past week we swam almost everyday, and it has truly been wonderful for Caleigh. I've also taken to crocheting. I taught myself about a month or so ago and I can't stop. Initially I was learning for my art work, but it's turned into a nice hobby. Yes, I'm about thirty years to early on this hobby, but it's helped me with my nightly teeth clinching and relaxation. It helps take my mind off of things. I crocheted Caleigh's headphone wires, numerous hot pads, and I just started my first afghan for Caleigh. Feel free to call me granny....
On our way to get Botox. Yuck. #specialneedsThe old phone book under the feet to make it fit trick. This is why they still produce phone books. #specialneeds
We went ahead and did Botox. I'm planning a post with photos, but so far the results have been positive with only a few side effects.

Caleigh's manual wheelchair was delivered a week ago. I'm planning a post devoted to just the chair as well.
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