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Safety First

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Weather Safety: This past week our area was turned upside down by tornadoes. If you haven't seen this video; you should check it out. Fortunately, no one lost their life.

Living in North Texas has it's perks. Winter generally isn't too bad. Springtime is beautiful and usually arrives before most of our northern neighbors. With the green grass comes terrible allergies and sometimes scary storms. The days all start out the same, warm and muggy with a chance of rain. By the afternoon, the sirens are going off in our neighborhood and we are huddled in our safe spot.

This past week took me by surprise. I'm usually a planner. With the way our monthly supplies are regulated, I had been pulling from our emergency bag all winter long. A feeding bag here, a syringe there. It added up. Since Caleigh hasn't been admitted to the hospital in over two years (round of applause please) we no longer have a hospital bag. Our to go bag turned into our emergency bag. An empty one at that.

It's so important to go through your day and decide what you use with your child, disability or not. Change of clothes, medical supplies, diapers and wipes, medication list, doctor list with contact information, and important documents. It's different for everyone. Strapping a backpack on while your huddled in the bathroom could be a smart move.

I'm ready now, even if it took tornadoes too close to home to remind me that the season is upon us. We were actually supposed to be in the car on the way to OT, straight in the tornadoe's path, at the time. Caleigh, Eric and I spent a long time in our laundry room and quite awhile picking up branches and random attic insulation that had blown into our yard, but we are ok and prepared for the next time around.
Pool Safety: I even hesitated writing about this, but I feel a responsibility to do so. Caleigh has been using the neck float, seen in these photographs, since she began swimming. It's been several years and we have been through three sizes in that time. The float has given her major independence with swimming, and I really believe that is one of the reasons she loves to swim so much.
This past weekend Caleigh had a few friends over to go swimming. You know that infamous line "it only takes two seconds?" Well, it did.

We are always in arms reach while swimming. Eric was on Caleigh duty. All of the adults in the pool turned to look at a shrub that wasn't doing so well, and the next thing I knew Eric was pulling Caleigh out of the water. He said that when he looked back down Caleigh was at least a foot under the water. I handed off the adorable baby I was holding and we headed out of the water.

By the Grace of God, Caleigh somehow held her breath when she went under. She didn't even cough. She was scared. We were terrified, but thankfully she was fine.

So what happened? The neck float broke. There is an area that the clips attach to. The clip separated from the float itself and that gave Caleigh's head enough room to slip out of the back. It took two seconds and she was under the water.

 I have mentioned the float on this blog several times and referred countless parents to the Waterway Babies website. The owner is wonderful and extremely helpful. These floats can be found all over the disability community. Accidents happen though. My goal here is to not talk badly about Waterway Babies neck floats, but to make parents aware of the possibilities. To learn from our mistakes. I, myself, am guilty of putting too much trust in this cheap piece of plastic. Never again.
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