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Quickie Zippie Zone

Holly D Gray8 Comments
It's been almost a month now since Caleigh's Quickie Zippie Zone manual wheelchair was delivered.
In a few words...we love it.
  I've found that with each new piece of equipment that we get for Caleigh; we find out what is best for her. It seems to be getting a little easier to make decisions on positioning pieces, but it is still a large decision that we will have to live with for up to five years at a time.
The biggest decision that we made with this chair was make it a straight back, no tilt seat. This is big for Caleigh and her weaker head control. It was a risk that I'm glad we took. So far Caleigh has done well with holding her head upright, but she still does her low head tilt often. It's Caleigh's signature look; it's part of who she is and I'm ok with that.
A few things that I requested out of functionality and also just for plain good looks are the slim-line chest harness and the six spoke wheels. We went with the same headrest that we once used on her Kid-Walk. It's not so much for resting her head, but mostly for blocking Caleigh from hooking her head around behind it. So far this tactic is working wonderfully.
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Caleigh and I took time to carefully pick out patterns from Grammie's Cricut machine to customize her new chair. I bought some vinyl and made the decorations. These should hold up to water better than stickers will. As you can see, Caleigh chose "toxic green" for the frame color. She is still big on loving the color green. I think it looks pretty cool myself.
Our DME also delivered a Stealth iPad holder for Caleigh's chair. This was a gift from the manufacture, and so far it's been the best one we have tried. Caleigh has been using Stealth products on her wheelchairs for years now, and they are very sturdy. This mount is no different. It's durable to Caleigh pushing and pulling on it. Movement is very little and we rarely have to tighten the joints. We are still working on the exact placement and angle, but Caleigh can carry on a conversation fairly well with it depending on her dystonia that particular day. So far she has asked strangers what their name is, told them "nice to meet you" and other appropriate conversation topics. At the same time, there are days that the iPad and Caleigh just don't get along. I modified our glue stick key guard to work on the new mount, and now it stays firmly in place. The only downside is that we can not have a protective case on the iPad while it is in the mount. This is fine for those that will leave it on the wheelchair all day, but we still use it outside of this scenario. It is easily taken in and out of the mount though. Having the mount in front of Caleigh, gives her something to push off of, which in turn, helps her hold her head up.
The chair is light weight and actually weighs less than the stroller type of chair we were using for awhile. Caleigh sits better in the chair with her AFO's on, but for these photographs we went with cute sandals. We've even made more adjustments to the chair and to the sandal straps since these photos were taken.

Our first real outing, was a trip to Whole Foods, in which I felt an immediate rush of pride for Caleigh and her new chair. I was standing taller, pushing the chair from the side, smiling at complete strangers. It's hard to explain, but for the first time, I had the feeling of pride with a chair. This chair fits Caleigh and her personality. I was thrilled that she was happy and it showed. So, yes, we love the new chair.
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