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Southbound 35 - Morgan's Wonderland

Holly D Gray3 Comments
Last week the Gray family loaded up and headed south. Our trip for Caleigh included a little R&R on the River Walk in San Antonio, a day at Sea World, and a short stay in Austin with friends. The big reason we made the trip was for Caleigh to be able to go to Morgan's Wonderland. 

After stops, eating and taking the scenic route, we made it to our hotel in about six hours. Caleigh did fabulous. This girl is made for travel. She rolls with the flow beaming with excitement the whole time. 

The first night we went out on the River Walk, and found a patio to eat on where Caleigh quickly made a few feathered friends. That night we all crashed around 10pm. It was a long first day. The River Walk, by the way, is just impossible with a wheelchair. We definitely got some extra walking in. We were constantly taking Caleigh out of her chair so that we could carry it up or down a flight of stairs. It was an experience though and I'm so glad Caleigh got to do it.
 The second day was set for us to go to Morgan's Wonderland. She was excited. We had looked at the website before the trip, and we had really been talking it up. Caleigh wasn't disappointed. My first reaction was that this is just an overpriced park... playground even. The actual playground equipment was designed by the same company that did our local accessible park. So basically it was our park on steroids. The whole thing was very low key. A little anti-climactic really.
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The longer we were there and the more Caleigh was able to actually do things herself; the more I realized this was a truly amazing place. I liked the calmness. I liked that nothing was rushed. The park was open from 10-2 that day and we did everything that Caleigh wanted to do in that time frame.
Some of Caleigh's favorite activities were the ones that her wheelchair adapted too. Instead of having to get out of her chair, sit in our laps and leave her belongings behind; Caleigh was able to wheel onto the ride and go. Her favorite things were the wheelchair swing and carousel. Swinging is something that Caleigh enjoys daily, but she has never been supported this way before. The carousel is new to Caleigh. She really loved it and we lost count how many times she actually rode it.
On the third day, we went to Sea World. This was a much different experience for all of us. The park was crowded, expensive and the "kid" part of the park wasn't even remotely accessible to Caleigh. Between potty breaks, medicine and feedings; the Sea World schedule of shows really didn't mesh with Caleigh's schedule. By the end of the long day, we saw three shows. We were on our way to the aquariums and dolphins when we were told that that section of the park was closed. It was a huge bummer because I think Caleigh would have really enjoyed it. We went ahead and left around 4pm feeling a little defeated with the day.
That same evening I asked Caleigh what she wanted to do the next day. We offered to go back to Sea World to see the aquariums and dolphins or to go back to Morgan's Wonderland. Without even blinking, she chose Morgan's. So the next morning we packed up the hotel room, went out to breakfast, did a quick Alamo walk by, and then checked out of the hotel. On our way out of town we went back to Morgan's Wonderland. Caleigh went straight for the wheelchair swings and then proceeded to alternate between them and the carousel. During a train ride, Caleigh fell asleep. We waited out the short nap and then wrapped up our visit with a few more carousel rides.
We made the short trip up to Austin where we stayed a few days with friends. We walked around the city, ate at a ton of great food places, hung out by the pool, did a little shopping and relaxed. I was even able to sneak away for a morning of quiet kayaking, which I'm totally in love with by the way.
Our trip was quick, perfectly planned, and most likely the only one we will take this year. As far as Morgan's Wonderland goes, we will definitely return in the future. Caleigh still smiles when we talk about it. What a truly wonderful gift for our girl.

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