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Summer Solstice

Holly D Gray4 Comments
Things have been steady around the Gray house lately. Eric had his promotional ceremony at work. He now drives the big red fire trucks and Caleigh thinks that is pretty cool. The position is actually called Apparatus Operator. We are super proud of him, of course. We attended a lovely ceremony that was over two hours long and Caleigh stayed occupied with books on her iPad. It was a good night. P1031
Caleigh's potty training is still going really well. Often she is dry all day. Lately, if she does have an accident, its just once a day or maybe twice. Most of those accidents are, quite frankly, my fault. I'm only a mind reader 90% of the time. She's doing an amazing job though. The biggest area of improvement over the past few weeks has been during car rides. She can hold it until we get to our destination and that's a big achievement. 
Caleigh was cast for a new pair of AFOs with SMO inserts. Her recent Botox injections and weight loss led to the new pair. Caleigh was pretty adamant about keeping the same colors and design that her current boots have. So not too much will change when we do get the new pair.
new afo casts
The splash pad finally opened up close to our house. This year we took the leap and had Caleigh wear her boots with water shoes on them. Her steps are just better with them on. Her ankles are stronger as well. The bonus was that they didn't fall apart getting as wet as they did. Caleigh was nervous at first. I ended up pushing her in and then she took off. Of course, the standard 7-9 year old little girls rushed us with their one hundred and one questions. 7-9 year old girls do not have a filter. These are the moments when I yearn for Caleigh to speak. I want her to be able to turn around with a sassy voice, and simply tell them that there isn't anything wrong with her. Maybe one day she'll be able to. Other than nosy kids, Caleigh had a good time. She walked around yelling and splashing for about forty five minutes.
We just hired a new helper, and she will start this coming Monday. We haven't had any help since last August, so this is definitely due. There are only so many days Eric and I can juggle our crazy schedules. It often times feels like a tag team event. I'm sure this is completely normal for most families anyways. We are looking forward to having another helper and my back is looking forward to it as well.
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