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Scope Tomorrow

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For about 12 days Caleigh has been complaining about her button and tummy hurting. We've added a daily probiotic and another ulcer medication with no results during that time. Her button looks good. I could tell that we weren't dealing with the dreaded bacterial overgrowth so my only thoughts were leaning towards colitis ulcers. Caleigh's stool has been great lately. She stools on the potty now and I can only remember one night time accident in her diaper in the recent past. She ranges from 0-3 times a day and it is usually well formed. Our big challenge with potty training is of the urine form, but we will get there.

Anywho, we had an appointment with Caleigh's GI today. He loves how she looks. Her weight, her belly, her button....everything. He was gushing over how great she is doing.
Thank goodness for the iPad while waiting for the doctor.
Let me back up... before her appointment I asked Caleigh if there was anything that she wanted to ask her doctor. She said "yes" and then spelled out the sentence "Can I eat food." 


She wants to eat food. Who would have ever thought our kid who could care less about dietary pleasure would want to eat again. Clearly she doesn't remember the pain it caused her, but this is an opportunity for a new start food wise.

So at the appointment I told him what Caleigh asked, and he was all for it. The issue is mostly what to feed her. We took home a can of Neocate Nutra. It's like infant cereal, but amino acid based just like her Elecare formula. I was also told by the dietician that green beans are one of the lowest foods on the glycemic index. There isn't a book out there for this. It's a starting point. 

Tomorrow Caleigh will go in for an EGD scope. This scope can hopefully tell us what enzymes Caleigh is lacking. These enzymes help break down foods. We know that she has trouble with sugars of most kinds except dextrose. Maybe this will tell us more. Since Caleigh's tummy seems to be rid of bacterial overgrowth right now; we may be able to get an accurate reading of enzymes this time around. Last fall the biopsies were inconclusive due to bacteria.

So here we are, not wanting to rock the boat, but wanting to find out more. Prayers for new answers and a smooth procedure tomorrow are greatly appreciated.
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