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The Month of September

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How on earth did September fly by so fast? Oh well, here we go....

Caleigh had her six month endocrine follow-up. We did a bone scan x-ray to determine the age of her bones before the appointment. Happily Caleigh's bones checked in at 5 years old. Endo uses this as a measure for premature puberty. No labs were ordered this time around. We will watch and wait and follow up every six months.

I've put off following up on Caleigh's new AFO braces after they caused a bad bruise on the bottom of her foot. She's been wearing her older pair just fine, so I wasn't in a hurry. We have an appointment scheduled this coming week.

We hired a new helper back in June. She quit after a week. Lucky our old helper was moving back to Texas so we've had her around for about two months now. It's wonderful to have someone around that just knows how Caleigh works and what our routine is. It was also a bonus to not have to go through the history run down and training. She will only be with us a few more months before she moves on and we will definitely miss her. We just love her; she's one of the family for sure.

While she's been around, Eric and I have had dinner dates, lunch dates, grocery shopping dates and little afternoon adventures. It's been good for our marriage. We got to go kayaking last week. I love to kayak so much. It's quiet, peaceful and a good workout. I'd go everyday if I could. I'm still trying to devise a way to bring Caleigh with us. I'll figure it out...
Caleigh's art class started back up two weeks ago. We chose the home school group because Caleigh was old enough and the time worked with our schedule. At the time, I overlooked the fact that this was a drop-off class, as in the parents dropped off their kids. There was five kiddos including Caleigh. All her age. Let's just say it didn't go as well as I had hoped. Caleigh was frustrated all around. I was the only Mom there and the project was to look in a mirror and sketch a self portrait with a pencil, outline it in sharpie, and then watercolor it. The teacher was very specific with the direction of the portrait and very corrective with the other children. Not really a Caleigh activity.... independently. So she was angry that I was having to help her in many ways. The more frustrated she became the more support I was having to give her. Positioning wasn't great. iPad accessibility wasn't great because of the positioning. I chalked it up to a failure and left thirty minutes early with a whining Caleigh. I'm still figuring this one out, but I think art class served its purpose last year. It's probably time to move on to something more enjoyable for Caleigh.
Just in the last month Caleigh has really been excited about driving her powerchair. She's getting much better at timing and stopping. She asks to drive at least once a day if not twice. She really didn't drive it all summer. So maybe she just needed a break to be ready?

We did our monthly weight and height check and Caleigh was 32lbs and 39cm tall. She's grown a lot and her weight is stable. We are happy where she is at. We have stopped one of her ulcer medications as well. 

We have phased Caleigh into going into therapy sessions without me. She had started whining and complaining about things being hard. Back in the spring we cut back therapies considerably. We've gone back up in frequency, but not as much as she was doing. We were all definitely having some burnout and needed a break. So when Caleigh turned five, we used the "big girl" scenario to encourage her and it has really been working. So now she does therapy without me and I think it is good for both of us. I feel a little less connected, mostly because I am such a visual learner, but really there isn't anything mind-blowingly new to learn anyways. So I get an hour or so to catch up on things, and Caleigh gets a break from me and a chance to be more independent.

Caleigh has about 4 weeks left in her pre-school curriculum. Since we started in January, the typical school timing of public schools doesn't match up to ours. I think our style is more year round schooling with breaks anyways. Caleigh doesn't want a break between pre-k and kindergarten. So I've started planning our year, and we will start up as soon as we finish off. Her reading has really taken off. I'm excited to see what the year ahead brings.
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