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Caleigh had her second round of botox this past week. Her first dose was in April. The first Botox injections worked right away and lasted a long time. Generally most kids get injections every 3-4 months, but Caleigh's legs still looked good up until just this last month. 

This time we went with a nasal Versed as our silly juice of choice. It burned something terrible going in Caleigh's nose and she was very close to vomiting. I think next time we will opt for something different. We're trying to avoid unnecessary sugars in her system, but we definitely don't want the reaction that she had. 

Again, the injections worked immediately for Caleigh.  She got just one vial again. On paper she could get tons more. Caleigh was very constipated the first time so this was a signal that she was at the right dose. So far, no constipation this time around. Caleigh has experienced some soreness and has complained on being uncomfortable since Thursday. As of today though, she says that her muscles feel better.
OCTbotox10-11-12 OCTbotox10-14-12
10-11-12 before Botox                                         10-14-12 after Botox

Botox is pretty amazing stuff despite the side effects. I can only imagine the relief it must give her legs. Fingers crossed that this set of 6 injections will last another 6-7 months.
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