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October through Instagram

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If you follow me through instagram or Twitter these won't be anything new. Again, this month flew by.
Scarf I made for our helper's birthday. #crochet C approves ;)
We've had a hand full of swimming days with the warmer weather and Caleigh couldn't be happier, and sleep tons better, on those days.
Just a girl and her dad #vscocam #latergram
Eric and I took Caleigh to a new speech therapy center for an evaluation. There was promise of motor skill evaluation, AAC assistance and reading programs. Long story short the evaluation team was convinced that Caleigh was blind, or "severally visually impaired." That put a damper on things. The fact that we know Caleigh can see well, in her own way, put a divide in our opinions. The evaluation didn't go much further from there. It's always good to keep an eye out for new things, but it's also nice to have therapists that believe in our daughter.
This info packet can suck it. #cerebralpalsy #prematurity #vscocam
I got the new iPhone 5 this month. When I was cleaning off my old phone, this was the first photo I had ever taken on it from November 2010. I miss those sweet Caleigh biscuit arms and cheeks.
The first photo I ever took with my iPhone 3GS. Nov 2010. It's only right that it be the first photo I post with my new iPhone 5 almost two yrs later. I miss those biscuit arms

Driving in the sun. #vscocam
We went power chair driving at our local botanical garden. The sun was warm and the day was beautiful. So comforting in fact that Caleigh promptly fell asleep during her regularly scheduled nap time.
Two seconds later, she's out for her regularly scheduled nap. #vscocam
I ordered a switch access box for the iPad. It's called Tecla Shield and it essentially makes the iPad switch accessible through Apple's Voiceover. We are still practicing, but I'm seeing some good use of the system for Caleigh.
Attempting to set up the #teclashield iPad switch access for C. I may need more caffeine to complete this task. Fingers crossed it works for her. #specialneeds  #slp #cerebralpalsy #aac #vscocam

Caleigh was a My Little Pony for Halloween. Twilight Sparkle to be specific. She loves the show and has collected quite the haul of ponies. Despite the fact that the day revolves around candy, Halloween was a good night for Caleigh. She loved dressing up.
Someone is super stoked her Halloween costume arrived on our porch today. #mylittlepony #vscocam
I melted crayons on a pumpkin, Pinterest style. This ended up not being a Caleigh project when the recommended hairdryer didn't work. The resolution was using Eric's propane torch to finish the job. Fire worked just fine.
Trying to hang on. #vscocam #specialneeds
Now we are off to enjoy November....
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