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December 2012 Recap

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I failed to post this before December was over, but I figure it's better late than never. 
So December....

I'll start medically. Caleigh has been doing amazing. We only had a neurology follow-up this month. We decided to back down on the Artane for two days to see if, in fact, it was making a difference in Caleigh's Dystonia. Turns out, it is. Within those two days her full body "shudders" and teeth grinding got a lot worse. So we're back where we were before; four pills three times a day. We have also scheduled Botox for Caleigh's biceps this February.
Artane can cause constipation, which in Caleigh's short bowel case isn't such a bad thing. Part of our experiment with backing down the dose was to see if the Artane might have been causing her occasional constipation. We didn't really see any difference in those two days. Around Christmas day Caleigh became constipated and we had to give her two teeny doses of Miralax. Apparently, that was one too many teeny dose because the past few days hasn't been so great in the stool department. Also any tastes of food have resulted in increased stooling. Hopefully, she will return to her normal soon. 

Other than those occasional ups and downs, Caleigh's short bowel is doing amazingly well. Shockingly even. As of today Caleigh's feeds are at 146ml an hour. She gets three, two hour long meals, a day and then about an hour and a half of night feeds. My guess is still around March for the banishment of night time feeds. I'm cautiously counting down the days.

I know I say it every year, but Caleigh was really excited and totally aware of the meaning and happenings of Christmas this year. She wrote a letter to Santa that was promptly mailed to the North Pole. We made homemade ornaments and gifts. We did crafts, coloring pages and read every book that the library offered on the subject of Christmas. We took Caleigh to the showing of The Polar Express at the Omni. We were fully involved this year and I loved it. 
We went to the Parade of Lights with family and got to sit in front row seats. Caleigh loved it.
Christmas morning brought Caleigh all the baby doll accessories that she asked for. Baby doll stroller, Baby doll bed and Baby doll diapers. It was all about the accessories this year. Clothes, doctor's kit, baby wheelchair etc. Everything except feeding stuff. Who needs that when you have a tube anyways?
With Christmas day came a white Christmas in North Texas. This was our second white Christmas in Caleigh's lifetime already. We explained how special it was and then went outside to play at Mimi and Pop's house. The wind was blowing so much that the snow was incredibly dry. I'm no snow expert, but our attempt at a snowman pretty much failed. Caleigh was happy with it though.
The next day the temps were still low so the snow stuck around a little longer. 

December also brought my birthday. I spent the day happily uneventful with my family. I can now call myself a year older.

Eric and I celebrated our 12th anniversary as well. We had a night out for dinner, shopping and a movie. We had a good time. Eric is a wonderful husband and daddy. I couldn't ask for anyone better. He understands me like no one can and he makes me laugh. In a parenting situation like ours, understanding is huge, but laughing through is even bigger. I love him.

Eric and I went to an ugly Christmas sweater party earlier in the month. It was a lot of fun and Eric's vest was a big hit.
That about sums up December. 2012 was really a great year. Onward and forward to 2013.....
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