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Ferb - The Lionhead Rabbit

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Caleigh has been a big fan of the cartoon Phineas and Ferb for awhile now. Luckily it's on Netflix. We are almost done with our 3rd viewing of all 99 episodes. It's serious. Fortunately, it's a pretty entertaining show, so I don't mind watching it every morning.

Which brings us to our new family member....Ferb. 
Caleigh is all girl so when she needed to name her new baby bunny, who just happens to be a male, she went with the boy name she knows. I had no chance. I now realize that once you have kids, the names you would love to give an animal go right out the window. Especially when your non-verbal child spells out the name letter by letter.
Ferb is a lionhead rabbit. They are a fairly new breed that started in 1996. Basically a cross breed, and that is where the "lion" type mane came from. He was born in late October, which makes him almost 3 months old. He is full grown in size, about 3 lbs. He was handled from birth by the children and family that we bought him from last Wednesday.
Ferb is settling into his new home well. He is getting brave and venturing further and further from his cage everyday. We are still working on trust. I'm also working on training him. This morning I started training with spinach. He came over and ate from my hand. Rabbits are prey animals. So Ferb feels like he is always about to be scooped up by a hawk. We will have to work to ease his fears. 
Did you know you could litter train a rabbit? I didn't until about a month ago. Ferb is almost completely litter trained. He picked it up quickly. Success also has to do with strategic water bottle and hay placement. The green box in the photo is his litter box.
Eric's family raised meat rabbits while he was growing up. I had two outside rabbits when I was little. Lucy and Ethel. Those where outside pets though. I had fish, hamsters, a guinea pig and hermit crabs that lived in my room while I was a child. So when I started researching small animals for Caleigh; I was surprised to find out that there is a huge house bunny community. House bunnies roam homes openly just like a dog or cat would. With the proper bunny proofing and care a rabbit can live to be 8-10 years old. Ferb's long hair requires more work too. I learned a lot about rabbits that I didn't already know. So with a little searching on breeds we went with Ferb.

This is called binky jumping. We think it's hilarious. He's loosening up and wanting to play. Caleigh's driving her powerchair in the background, which is the clicking you hear.

Koko is our 8 year old Boston Terrier. I didn't consider that aspect of bringing a rabbit into our home. I foolishly saw adorable photos online of dogs and bunnies lounging and napping together. You know, Terriers right? Bred to chase and kill small animals for sport. Yea that kind. That's what we have. Koko has been really sweet to Ferb considering the natural instincts. She is an strong sniffer and investigator and that scares Ferb. The other night Ferb took off running and Koko followed. We called Koko back and she stopped. Although, I will say that Ferb is definitely the faster individual here. Koko had no chance. As of this morning, Ferb has been moving in closer and closer to Koko. They are getting used to each other, but we won't be leaving them alone in a room together for quite awhile.

Caleigh is beyond thrilled. Her smile didn't quit for a full three days. Caleigh has had an entire weekend at home with Ferb while trying to recover from a yucky head cold. She says she already loves him. 
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