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Two Months Later

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It's been awhile, huh? I haven't even opened this blog since the last time I posted. 

Since I last wrote, Caleigh had an appointment with the orthopedic doctor. Her left hip is still in the same position, which is about 30 degrees out of the socket. We are still in a wait and see mode with her hip. 
I think we've finally turned the corner in this snot filled, head cold of a week we've had.Ferb loves to have his chest rubbed.
Caleigh had botox again. This time we did her right bicep, and a few other muscles in her right arm to try and make things more comfortable for her. We also did her hamstrings. We learned that if we don't do the quads at the same time then it's pointless. Caleigh's quads are compensating for the relaxed hamstrings and this makes her legs very hard to bend. Lesson learned. The good thing about botox this time was that Caleigh didn't experience the constipation that she has the past few times. She may be ready to handle a higher dose. There is only so much we can give her and many areas of muscle to address. 
Took C to the stock show today. Beautiful weather for it. #365 #project365 #vscocam #afterglow #fwssrLlama no PJs. #fwssr #365 #project365 #vscocam #afterglow
We spent several days at the stock show this year. Caleigh really enjoyed all of the animals and especially the bunnies. I'm sure we will make it a yearly thing.

We've been using our zoo membership and museum membership as well. It's always a good break from the mundane week. I've also been crocheting a lot in the evenings after Caleigh goes to bed. I finally finished her blanket. Caleigh's been sleeping with it every night since.
Afternoon at the zoo. #365 #project365 #vscocam #instavsco #vsco #instadfw #afterglow #zoo #pythonFinally finished C's blanket. #365 #project365 #vscocam #afterglow #instavsco #instavscocam #vsco #instadfw #avgcampro #crochet #crocheting #grannysquare #homespun #crochetaddict
Our newest member, Ferb, is trucking along and fitting right into our family. Koko and Ferb are now worries there. So far we have taught him to return to his cage when we want/need him too. He'll eat out of my hand and lap, but he is still a little skittish sometimes. Caleigh is still in love with him.
Soak up each day's sunshine.
Since Thanksgiving, I've been helping out with my Nana, who has been in and out of the hospital, nursing homes and rehab facilities. I've been keeping up with her bills and we just moved her out of her apartment. It's been a rough time and she's been very sick, but as of this week she is stable and settling into a new place.
She refused to nap an hour ago. I got her dressed and ready for the zoo; left the room, and came back to a sleeping girl.
Caleigh and I both have caught a head cold twice since I last wrote. Eric seems to have escaped it. We've been more free as far as our outings go this year. If we want to go, we do. Caleigh's respiratory system is finally strong enough to handle a little head cold.
At the museum of science and history yesterday. #latergram
Multiple choice. #homeschool #explodethecode #phonics #aac
We've made it through, and even with all of the distractions this new year has given us, we are still on track with Caleigh's home school. We are coming up on the tenth week and it's going well. Her phonics understanding is getting very strong. She surprises me everyday with something that she already knows. We are demolishing read aloud chapter books by the truckload. Caleigh and I even finished the first Harry Potter book last month. It was the first time I had ever read it and Caleigh really loved it. We will just keep moving forward. I really do love teaching my daughter.
Heart decorating. #homeschool #valentine #365 #project365 #vscocam #afterglow #instavsco #vsco #instavscocam #instadfw #cerebralpalsy
On to Caleigh's feeds. She has continued to tolerate the rate increases. As of today she is at 164 ml an hour. She is hooked up to the pump and getting fed a little over 6 hours a day. Our huge goal was to get to 175 ml an's not that far away. About two weeks. This would take out nighttime feeds. We are almost there! Two hours for breakfast, two hours for lunch and two hours for dinner. That's the goal. I haven't even really thought about the next feeding goal, maybe I should.
My two loves on Vday. #365 #project365 #vscocam #afterglow #instavsco #vsco #instavscocam #instadfw #cerebralpalsy
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