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Holly D Gray3 Comments
This past Monday (4.15.13) Caleigh reached her goal of 175ml an hour on her feeds. 
This. Is. Huge. 
We've been working towards this goal for two years. Two years.

This means that Caleigh is no longer hooked up to her tube at night. She doesn't have to lay on it. How uncomfortable that must feel? She isn't woken up because of nonsense alarms. She doesn't wake up in the morning covered in formula because of a malfunctioning tube. When dinner is done she is unhooked. It's pure magic. 
Her schedule goes a little something like this:

7am - Feed is turned on for two hours.
12:30pm - Feed is turned on for two hours.
5:00pm - Feed is turned on for two hours.

On to the next goal. 
If my figures are correct it will take another two years at our current rate of increase, 2ml a week, to get there. Three, one hour long meals per day. 

The current rate is set at 177ml as of this morning. 

Knocking on wood and saying a little prayer that we get there. 

Take that Short Bowel. Take that. 
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