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Bye Bye Van

Holly D Gray5 Comments

On Monday, we dropped the van off to be converted to a short-cut rear entry ramp van. This decision has been years in the making. Eric and I have been researching, stalking ramp van owners in parking lots, and saving up dough.

Our new Honda Odyssey is amazing. We've had it four months now, and I really love it more and more each day. It had about 6800 miles on it when we dropped it off. To be able to take Caleigh's manual wheelchair with us, we have to lift the chair up into the back of the van. I do a little seat belt wrapping technique so that the chair doesn't fly if we have to stop, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work in a real emergency. We have been keeping the third row seats stored, and this makes it easier to fit the chair and also change Caleigh if we need to while we are out and about.
We spent the morning moving everything into our old van and really just trying to get organized. We took out the console and middle second row seat. Eric removed the third row seats, and they are currently resting in our garage. I'm not sure what on earth we will do with them, but it seemed a waste to have the conversion company just throw them out. We are told there is no market for them, but I may try Craigslist. Anybody have any ideas other than high class lawn chairs?
We decided on a short-cut rear entry. This means that the second row will not be touched. The ramp will be in the back only. We have strong feelings towards Caleigh staying in her car seat as long as possible. We love our comfy leather factory seats. The ability to recline those seats was a huge factor in keeping that second row. After years of back and forth on this decision, I am confident that we made the right one.

Our van will be on its way to Michigan in the next few days. We are told that it could take 4-5 weeks before we have it back. As a bit of a send off, Caleigh and I jammed out to her favorite tunes and turned the air up high and temp down low on the way to drop it off. We will all be very excited when we get our fancy van home.
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