Made of Gray

Easter Weekend

Holly D GrayComment
This year we skipped the annual beeping Easter egg hunt that the division for blind services puts on. It was cold, the wind was blowing and it was raining off and on. We basically hunkered down the entire weekend before Easter.
So this year we went to Mimi and Pop's church egg hunt. Caleigh enjoyed it and we couldn't beat the weather. The hunt was over in 12 seconds flat, but with a little help Caleigh got a good haul of 13 eggs and 2 stuffed animals. Eggs and candy she can't eat, but she still enjoys the process.
 The next day we headed back out to Mimi and Pop's. We ate an Easter lunch and dyed eggs on the back porch. Thanks to Pinterest, I remembered to use a whisk to hold the eggs, and it really worked out great.

We got home semi-early and played with our real Easter bunny, Ferb, the rest of the night. I would say it was a successful Easter weekend. 
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