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First Swim of the Season

Holly D Gray2 Comments
Sunday was the first day that we heated the pool and jumped in to start Caleigh's swimming season. Our weather, here in North Texas, has been interesting to say the least. We would get one warmish day followed by a cold front and rain for several days. Finally there is a three or four day stretch of 80+ degree temps and no rain. We took advantage of the window. Later this week though we will have a repeat of that earlier pattern.
This time last year we had been swimming since the end of February. So this year is a big change. Even with Caleigh having to wait it out, she really was totally excited to get in the water. Maybe even more so.
Caleigh seems more brave in the water this year. She flips herself onto her belly and kicks her legs in a flash. She uses her tone to throw her head back attempting to dip her face in the water. Caleigh thinks this is funny and I'm not too keen on it. She also lazily lets the water take her around the pool without a move.

Today we swam again. I love that swimming can be apart of Caleigh's daily routine. How blessed we are for such an amazing gift. The realization still doesn't seem to sink in deep enough.

Let the swimming season begin!

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